Montuno Productions, Inc. (MP), based in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides the following services:

Artist/Talent Management: MP provides artists' management services, focusing on overseeing and guiding their professional careers.  As talent manager, MP is responsible for guiding and coordinating the day-to-day business affairs, publicity/marketing, contracts, and the professional development of our artists.

Artist/Talent Booking Agent: Our booking agency services focus on keeping our artists busy doing what they do best: making fans happy by sharing their extraordinary musical talent with them at high-quality live performances.  As booking agent, MP also defends, supports, and promotes the interest of our clients.

Festival Production: MP provides a number of services to festival organizers, including production-related tasks (planning, logistics, and talent booking), website development, marketing, publicity, promotion, merchandising, online ticket sales, and sponsorship-related consulting.  Some of the festivals MP has been involved with as a consultant include: The world-renown Carnaval San Francisco, Día de Los Muertos Festival (Oakland), Oakland Cinco de Mayo Festival, and the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival.  

Private Events: MP offers live music entertainment services for private events, including corporate functions (conferences, holidays, conventions), weddings, retirement parties, school/college graduations.  In addition to providing the talent for the events, we can also provide all related services, including Disk Jockeys, stage, sound, and lighting.